Replanting The Oaks

Two oak saplings planted at the entrance to Solas Bhride were transplanted recently.  The oak saplings were nurtured from acorns taken from the oak tree planted in Tullow in Co. Carolw by Bishop Daniel Delany in 1807 when establishing the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Brigid. (Brigidine).  These oaks were planted by Rita Minehan csb and Brenda Kindregran of Cairde Bhride. The courtyard area was not a suitable location for the little oaks to flourish. Hopefully, they will be able to stretch their limbs in their new location on the grounds.

In their places two beautiful Magnolia trees were planted. The trees were a gift from Cairde Bhride, to commemorate 25 years of the presence of the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare and the re-lighting of the Brigid Flame. The magnolias are blossoming in their new home.

Kildare Failte

The AGM of Kildare Failte took place at Solas Bhride on March 22nd. The AGM highlighted another very successful year for tourism in County Kildare. In early 2016 Failte Ireland introduced “Ireland’s Ancient East”, a brand for promoting tourism in the East.  County Kildare Failte have drawn up a Tourism Strategy for the County to enhance, grow and sustain all aspects of tourism and its sectors in County Kildare. The plant will be launched in April 2017.  Rita and Phil  were invited to share the Solas Bhride story.

Master Composting Course

Solas Bhride was the venue for a Master Composter Training course hosted by Kildare County Council.  The Composting Course is part of a national programme aimed at the prevention of food and garden waste and the promotion of home composting.  The STOP Food Waste progamme, which is part of the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme, is run by a collaboratie team with a diverse experience in waste prevention and composting. Nuala Madigan, Irish Peatland Conversation Council’s Environmental Education Officer facilitated the course.

The goal of the course, as well as raising awareness of food generation and prevention of waste, was to give a thorough education about all parts of composting.  Part of the course involved a visit to the Home Composting Demonstration site in the grounds of Kildare Housing Association.  Participants helped in the setting up of compost holding units and turning systems as well as a wormery.