St. Brigid of Kildare

Welcome to Solas Bhríde and to our reflection on Advent.

Our theme for the second Sunday is: Journeying with the Light of Awareness.

We light the second candle – a symbol of awareness.

Awareness is key to our Advent Journey.

The lead into Christmas can be very busy and stressful.  Advent invites us to take time to come home to ourselves – time to rest in the awareness of the divine presence at the core of our being.

We invite you to pause now:
Become aware of your breathing.
Breathe in gently, breathe out gently fora few moments.
Breathe the breath of life.
Rest now.
Be aware of the divine presence within you and around you…

Gift yourself daily with this little practice. It could be one of the most meaningful and helpful gifts you will receive this Christmas.

Advent is an awareness time to help us not to miss the signs of God’s presence.  John Cullen