St. Brigid of Kildare

Building reaching roof height Blessed with good weather all through the summer season great progress has been made on the building of the new Centre.

The poroton clay blocks used in the construction of the walls slot easily into place. The walls are now almost complete on most of the building. Preparations are now being made for the installation of the roofs.

However, the two circular rooms, the St. Brigid room and the Flame Room, are a little more challenging to build.

Brigid room - view from the North
The steel frame, which will support the circular roof, is clearly visible on the St. Brigid room.

Hermitage foundation    Progress is also being made on the
foundations for the Hermitages.


We would welcome your support in the building of the Centre.
One way to contribute to the new Centre is to donate a block – €10 or $20 US. You will then be able to see “your block” as the walls begin to rise.

Donations can be made through the donation page on this website. It is estimated that 17,000 blocks will be required.

There are now 16,700 blocks waiting to be claimed!