St. Brigid of Kildare

Creating our Autumn space

Each season is reflected in the sacred space in our inner courtyard. Margaret and Brenda resting after creating our beautiful reflective Autumn space. They invite us to reflect on Autumn as a time to be thankful, a time to gather, a time to store and a time to rest.

Sisters of Faith for Peace (sfp)

The Sisters of Faith for Peace are women of all faiths, coming together to work for peace by transcending the boundaries of their own faith and culture, thereby uniting together to work for the common purpose of peace.

This year the Sisters decided to hold their Autumn Interfaith Family Day in Solas Bhride on Sunday, September 22nd.  The group included people of Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith.

Kildare Ministries, Australia

Kildare Ministries comprises the educational and community works formerly governed by the Brigidine Congregation in Australia and the Presentation Congregation of Victoria. Every two years Kildare Ministries conduct a pilgrimage to Ireland for their schools and administration staff. Pilgrims trace the founding stories of the Brigidine Sisters and the Presentation Sisters. They draw inspiration and energy for their mission today from their Irish heritage.

Norwegian Pilgrims

Solas Bhride was delighted to welcome two Norwegian Pilgrim Groups.  Her Excellency Else Berit Eikeland, Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland, accompanied both groups.  The first group included the bishop of Nidaros, Church of Norway and a pastor to Norwegians in London.  The second group, 28 pilgrims, came from the diocese of Bjorjvin (Bergin) and west coast Norway.  The purpose of their visit to Ireland was to explore the spiritual and cultural heritage of some of Ireland’s saints.  As well as their interest in St. Brigid they also visited places associated with St. Declan and st. Kevin.  They presented Solas Bhride with a beautifully illustrated book on the legend of St. Sunniva who is reputed to have been an Irish princess. She was the only recognised female saint in Norway in the Middle Ages.