St. Brigid of Kildare

It has been a long cold winter and it looked like the grass would never change from its dull yellow/brown back to a rich green. It felt like things would never grow again.  But at last Bealtaine is upon us we are aware of the wonderful changes nature is bringing, with new life and colour.  If we can’t be outside in it, we can sit quietly and imagine a warm summer breeze on our faces and picture in our mind a beautiful summer scene:-


A gurgling stream proclaims, ‘It’s May’,

Its clear water, sparkling in the sunshine,

Hurtles forward over pebbles and rock,

Reflecting a blue sky crisscrossed by birds on the wing,

While others perch in nearby bushes,

Filling the summer’s day with song. 


Cherry blossoms display delicate pink

To decorate the skies for Mary’s month,

While bees buzz from flower to flower

Ensuring the continuation of life,

And new green leaves, curling and soft

Form dappled tunnels between the trees.