St. Brigid of Kildare

World Earth Day

Earth Day is held each year on April 22nd.  It is a day when people are asked to perform an act of kindness towards the earth.  Earth Day’s Global 2016 theme was “Trees for the Earth”. Over the next five years it is the hope of Earth Day organisers that over 7.8 billion trees will be planted around the world.  At Solas Bhride we planted a numprocessing-to-gardenber of oak trees during the year.  This year to mark Earth Day we decided to plant a wildflower garden.
paddy-gleesonCharles Darwin described the sudden origin of flowering plants, which emerged about 130 million years ago, as an abominable mystery. Dr. Mary O’Connor spoke on the interconnection between pollinators – bees, insects, butterflies and so many other species – and wildflowers.  She stressed the necessity of maintaining suitable habitats for wildflowers and the creatures that live off them.  The human community could not remain in existence without the pollinators. Paddy Gleeson, B.Arg.Sc was on hand to answer any questions about plants.planting-the-wildflowers

Dermot Lawlor, Garden of Eden Landscape, Athy gave input on preparing the soil for a wildflower garden.

Then it was time for planting and blessing the seeds.
Each of us can change our little corner of the planet by simply planting a seed!!