St. Brigid of Kildare


Event Description Weaving Workshop 3Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the customs associated with the
weaving of the traditional St. Brigid cross and
learn how to weave a cross.
Dates and Time(s) Monday, September 16that 3.00 pm
Tuesday, September 17that 2.00 pm
Thursday, September19th at 2.00 pm
Friday, September 20th at 3.00 pm
Host Solas Bhride Team
Location Monday, Tuesday and Friday, workshop will be held at Aras Bhride, adjacent to St. Brigid’s Parish Church.
Directions:    From the Market Square go down Claregate Street.
Aras Bhride will be on your left. (Approx. 500 m from Square)Owens Cottage

On Thursday, the Craft Workshop will take place at Owens Cottage in the grounds of the Irish National Stud.

Numbers Individuals and small groups are welcome to participate in the weaving of the St. Brigid’s Cross
Booking Booking through
info@solasbhride.iePhone: +353 (0)45 522890
Eligibility Requirements
Additional Information There are many customs associated with the weaving of the St. Brigid ‘s cross.  During the workshop people will learn about some of these as well as the legend associated with St. Brigid and the cross.
Anyone who wishes to participate in the World Record attempt for the most people in the one location at the onetime weaving St. Brigid’s crosses on Saturday, September 21st are required to know how to weave a cross. The workshops provide an opportunity for some people to brush up their skills in weaving crosses as well as teaching others to make their first St. Brigid’s cross.