St. Brigid of Kildare

The courtyard at the entrance to the Centre
Brigid room
The foundations for the St. Brigid sculpture can be seen in the foreground. The sculpture will face the “Brigid Room” in the Centre.
Landscape 2
The trees and shrubs planted last month have begun to bud and the tiny shoots of grass appear in the lawn areas. One of the hermitages can be seen nestling gently into the landscape.
Foundations for labyrinth
The foundations have been laid for the labyrinth. It is hoped to have it completed within the next two weeks.
Cosmic Walk
The area for the Cosmic walk is surrounded by trees. The walk itself will be developed later.
Picture of Centre from Cosmic Walk
A view of the Centre from the Cosmic Walk.

Construction on the Centre is reaching its final stages.
All the major construction work is complete.
However work        continues on the interior and exterior of the building.


The photographs will give a good image of what the finished building will look like.