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We in Solas Bhride provide a place of welcome, tranquillity and peace where we seek to unfold the legacy of St Brigid and its relevance for our world today.

Sharing and celebrating the story of St Brigid as:

  • Spiritual leader
  • Protector and carer of the Earth
  • Advocate for the poor
  • Woman of Justice and Peace
  • Woman of deep Faith and Contemplative practice




Tax Efficient Charitable Donations

If a donor gives more than €250 donation to charity either in the form of a lump sum payment or by way of direct debits/standing order where the amount for each year is more than €250, the donation may qualify for tax relief. (Solas Bhride Centre & Hermitages Ltd:  CHY. NO.   18649)
For further information contact Solas Bhride

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