St. Brigid of Kildare

Feile Bride launches 2014 Programme

Some members of Feile Bride Planning Committee

On January 14th the steering committee and its supporters met at Solas Bride to announce plans for the forthcoming Feile which will take place this year from January 31st to February 9th.   This year’s theme is “Kindling Sparks of Hope.” Feile Bride, coming as it does at the beginning of February, heralds the beginning of Spring when the new shoots begin to spring forth from the earth.  Brigid is renowned as the Saint who at this time “breaths life into the mouth of dead winter.” We are now at a time in our country and world when our hopes are somewhat dimmed.

We need to kindle “sparks of hope” and to celebrate the many signs of hope that emerge in the most unexpected places.

A full programme of events is promised including weaving of St. Brigid’s crosses workshops, craft exhibitions, A Walk in the footsteps of St. Brigid and Brigid’s Eve well ritual. (Full progamme on Events Section of this website.)

Luka Bloom will perform in concert on Monday, February 3rd at the Heritage Centre.  A limited number of tickets is available and can be booked through the Heritage Centre in Kildare town.  Luka has a long association with the Feile and the proceeds from the concert will be donated to Solas Bhride Centre and Hermitages building fund. Construction on the new Centre is ongoing. A new sculpture of St. Brigid will be unveiled at the site of the new Solas Bhride Centre on the Tully Road on February 1.

Judy and Susan Boyle, Facilitators of Brigid, Bees and Brewing

Brigid, bees & Br
ewing will take place on Tuesday 4th of February at 7:30pm in Boyles in Kildare Town. It will be an hour long talk about the influence of Brigid on Kildare, bee keeping & brewing with food & drink tastings throughout the event. We will be sampling different food & drinks to our previous event.

“The Spirituality of Patrick Kavanagh” presented by Una Agnew is the topic for the Annual Celtic Lecture, to be hosted by Kildare Education Centre on Wednesday, February 5th.


Kevin O’Kelly, facilitator of “Women making their mark on The Curragh” discusses the event with Bernie McMahon

“Brigid’s Spring awakening – a literary celebration with music” will be held in Kildare Town Library on Thursday evening.

“From St. Brigid to St. Barbara – Women making their mark on the Curragh” This involves a bus tour around the Curragh and will give a glimpse into the lives of women who work on or near Brigid’s Pastures.

Amid the hectic schedule of life there is always a need for quiet in order to touch into the “Sparks of Hope” dwelling within each of us.  So “Quiet Reflection / Meditation” on Tuesday morning, February 4th and “Creative Movement” on Wednesday, 4th provide this opportunity.

The annual Afri conference Justice and Peace Conference is a very important part of the Feile and takes on Saturday February 8 at the Osborne Centre. This year’s theme is “Life: Source or Resource” and the speakers include Feargal Anderson, who will talk about “Food, Sovereignty and Resilience: Living well with the Planet.” Abjata Khalif will speak about “Lighting the way to Climate Justice: Finding solutions in Northern Kenya.” Donal Dorr will will explore the topic of Human Trafficking, today’s slavery.

Brigid is associated with the threshold – the doorway between worlds.  To venture over the threshold of our known realities, into deeper awareness and understanding of what it means to be a living being among other living beings is an exquisitely designed, finely turned and audaciously beautiful life system. At the Festival of Brigid, Feile Bride, Imbolc, we stand on the threshold between Winter and Spring, darkness and light. (Extract from Afri Conference Programme)