St. Brigid of Kildare

Brigid: Flame of Justice & Peace is the overarching theme of the 28th Annual Feile Bride in Kildare Town.  The Feile was launched in Solas Bhride Centre, January 16th and the programme of events promises to uplift spirits and put a spring in people’s steps as the year 2020 unfolds.

The Feile commences on Friday, January 31st with the annual pilgrimage of quiet reflection, song and prayer at St. Brigid’s well, which attracts people from near and far.

St. Brigid’s day brings many visitors, national and international, to Kildare town where they will have the opportunity to weave a St. Brigid’s cross, participate in a workshop that revisits some of the traditions and customs associated with St. Brigid, take a walking tour around Kildare’s monastic city, treat themselves to a Legends of Kildare Virtual Reality experience and much more. St. Brigid’s Treasure Trail invites children to explore, in a fun way, some of the sites associated with St. Brigid.

The Feile has a week long programme of creative events which will cater for all ages and many interests.  It will be a festival of music, dance, weaving, reflection, poetry, discussion and will also issue a challenge to create a more caring, just and peaceful world. Events will be hosted by Solas Bhride Centre, The Heritage Centre, The Library and Kildare Education Centre.

The Feile Bride Concert on Friday, February 7th features Steve Cooney and Cormac Breatnach. A unique and magical night of music is promised.  Don’t miss it!

The Feile concludes on Saturday, February 8th with the Afri Justice and Peace Conference which will creatively address issues concerning the future of planet earth. Afri sees this Conference as a response to Greta Thunberg’s call to action.  “We must rekindle the flame, revitalize our energies, re-wild whenever and wherever possible, and restore our awesome planet to its former glory.” Joe Murray, Afri.

For information on all events contact Solas Bhride Centre, Tully Road, Kildare town, - or ph 045522890 or

For information on Afri Conference contact: or


Solas Bhride Centre & Hermitages Team 17/01/2020

Contact No: 045 522890 R  Emma Herlihy, Kildare Failte, Phil O’Shea, Solas Bhride, Celine Broughan, Kildare Town Library R Emma Herlihy, Kildare Failte, Phil O’Shea, Solas Bhride, Celine Broughan, Kildare Town Library