St. Brigid of Kildare

Thursday, July 6th:        Louisiana Parish Group – Premier Travel
Sunday, July 9th:           Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage
Tuesday, July 18th:        St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Litchfield, Arizona
Wednesday, July 19th:  USA Student Pilgrim Group
Friday, July 20th:          Mercy Sisters, Pilgrim Group
Monday, July, 24th:      Mt. St. Anne’s Retirement Group
Tuesday,July 25th:        Brigid’s Healing Journey to Ireland, Dermot O’Hara
Monday, 14th:               A Celtic Pilgrimage with Monica Browne
Saturday, 19th:             Pilgrimage Afternoon (see events)
Please note Solas Bhride Centre will be closed from Friday, August 25th to September 1st.