St. Brigid of Kildare

Event Description  

Exhibition by AniaNecel-Kruppa. Ania’s Ceramics and Kildare Town Heritage Centre invite you to the Kildare Town Ceramics exhibition featuring ceramic pieces made by children, teenagers and adults from Kildare Town and the surrounding area. For the last few months they have experimented with clay, engobes and glazes. We are proud to present to the Kildare Town community our work. We hope everyone can enjoy the exhibition as much as we enjoyed working with ceramics

Dates and Time(s) Tuesday, September 17that 3.00 pm
Wednesday, September 18th at 3.00 pm

Friday, September 20th – Workshop (Booking essential)

Host Kildare Town Heritage Centre
Location Kildare Town Heritage Centre

Market Square, Kildare

Numbers Individuals and small groups are welcome to participate in the weaving of the Wall Hanging
Booking Booking for Workshop on Friday, September 20th is essential.
Booking: Kildare Heritage Centre: info@kildareheritage.comPhone: +353 (0)45 530672


Eligibility Requirements  
Additional Information On Friday, September 20th, The Kildare Culture Night, we would like to invite you to join Ania’s Ceramics workshop for children and adults.  Educational, entertaining and a great fun activity for all. A chance to learn the basic ceramic coil building technique and lots more. Simply book a place with Kildare Town Heritage Centre and learn something new!