St. Brigid of Kildare

The Gathering was a nationwide event which took place through September 2013. One of the key events for the Brigid of Kildare Gathering celebration was a Guinness Book of Records attempt to have the largest number of people weaving Brigid’s crosses at the one time.

So why this record attempt? Well the St Brigid’s Cross is a universally recognized symbol and the weaving of a St Brigid’s cross is an ancient Irish custom. Its origin may have begun as a pre-Christian symbol, was then assimilated into Christianity and has resonance with other cross types in many cultures around the world. It was thought that setting a World Record would further enhance the continuity of this custom of weaving the St Brigid’s Cross.

A new category fir the weaving of St Brigid’s cross was created by Guinness World records on foot of an application by Solas Bhride and Cairde Bhride. Once approved, excitement grew as practice workshops were organised to ensure that the cross weaving success was higher that 95% on the day of the challenge.

On 21st September, 2013, 357 people gathered in St Brigid’s Church, Kildare town and successfully created a new world record for the most people to weave a St Brigid’s cross at the same time.  Those who gathered came from towns across Kildare and many travelled from USA, Australia, many parts of Europe, UK, and Canada.

On the 6th November Guinness World Records formally confirmed the new world record had been achieved and Solas Bhride were presented with the  World Record Certificate.

It was a tremendous and very special occasion, one which rests proudly in the minds and hearts of all those who participated on the day.