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We in Solas Bhride provide a place of welcome, tranquillity and peace where we seek to unfold the legacy of St Brigid and its relevance for our world today.

Sharing and celebrating the story of St Brigid as:

  • Spiritual leader
  • Protector and carer of the Earth
  • Advocate for the poor
  • Woman of Justice and PeaceWoman of deep Faith and Contemplative practice


We seek to create an environment where right relationships with self, others, the cosmos and God is nurtured.

  • Welcoming people of all faiths and none
  • Unfolding the Traditions, Values and Spirituality of St Brigid
  • Celebrating the Natural and Liturgical seasons of the year
  • Commemorating St Brigid through annual Feile Bhride festival
  • Leading pilgrimage to St Brigid’s sites
  • Providing educational opportunities for exploring Celtic Christian heritage
  • Providing support in sacramental preparation
  • Creating space for meditation, reflection and prayer
  • Hosting cultural and artistic events
  • Providing quiet space in 3 self-contained Hermitages


The Values of St Brigid underpin all our activity. Those Values are: Contemplation, Compassion, Celebration, Ecological awareness, Hospitality, Justice, Peace and Tranquility.

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celebrating the story of St Brigid