St. Brigid of Kildare

reflections on feile bride

Virtual Féile Bríde

We were delighted that so many of you could join us on our first virtual Féile Bríde, our annual celebration of St Brigid, her legacy and her relevance in our world today. We welcomed people from around the world who united with us on an inner pilgrim journey, celebrating Brigid and the coming of Spring, a time of hope, opportunity and new life.

St Brigid's Pilgrimage

Our St Brigid’s eve pilgrimage followed the route of the previous 28 years as we were guided  in travelling with the Light from Solas Bhride to St Brigid’s Garden Well where we were led in reflection and prayer, in stillness and in light.  La Féile Bhríde is a wonderful celebration every year in Solas Bhride when many of our friends from the surrounding community, and from all parts of the globe join us in making the traditional St Brigid’s Cross. So instead this year Mary led the Nation on TV demonstrating how to make the cross, and Rita gave a message of hope to all from Solas Bhride in this challenging year.

Virtual Lecture

Brenda and Margaret, members of Cairde Bhride, reminded us through their virtual lecture of the Traditions and Customs associated with St Brigid. St Brigid's relevance in todays world was explored by Rita in her webinar.  Phil and Geraldine kindled a renewed sense of light and hope in all of us in their two evenings of mediation.

Other Programme Events

We were delighted to work in collaboration with Afri, Kildare Town Library, Into Kildare, Kildare Heritage Centre and our local Councillors who through their events made our week long celebration of St. Brigid very special indeed. The week ended on a high note with a beautiful virtual concert featuring Kildare artists.

Weekly Meditation

We invite you to join us in our weekly meditations commencing on Thursday February 18th as we prepare and look forward to our celebration of Easter. For further details check our website or log in to our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you then.