St. Brigid of Kildare

Solas Bhride Centre and Hermitages is finally complete! The name of our Centre “Solas Bhride” means the “light/flame of Brigid”.  It is ironic then that the delay to the Centre being open to the public was due to lights – traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing outside the building. The pedestrian lights were finally connected on November 29nd which removed the last hurdle to be overcome in allowing the Centre to open. There have been many twists and turns on the road since the “Turning of the Sod ceremony” in February 2013.  It has indeed being a faith journey and many a time we wondered if we knew before we started what we know now would we have set out on the journey at all. But we always received the “light” for the next step through the many unexpected surprises and kindnesses along the way. Now we are excited at the prospect of welcoming many pilgrims/visitors and we hope all who come will find solace here. We are ready for the next step on the journey.

Joyce Rupp becomes one of the Centre’s first visitors!

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Maevh Ni Uallachain, ssl, Thomasina Murphy, csb, Mary Minehan, csb, Joyce and Margaret, Servite Sisters, Rita Minehan and Mary Hiney csb.

Joyce Rupp, well known writer and author of numerous bestselling books including “Praying our Goodbyes”, “Open the Door” and “Fragments of your Ancient Name” was one of the first visitors to the Centre.  Joyce visited the Centre on a recent trip to Ireland. Joyce, Margaret and Maeve’s parting words  were: “Trust an unknown future to an known God.”

At Sculpture
Viewing the Sculpture of St. Brigid in the grounds of Solas Bhride