St. Brigid of Kildare

Solas Bhride is a Christian Spirituality Centre with a focus on St. Brigid and the early Christian Celtic tradition. The Centre welcomes people of all faiths and of no faith in their search for meaning on life’s journey.

Stand at the crossroad and look
Learn from the ancient paths
Which was the good way?
Take it!
Jer. 6: 16

St. Brigid established a double monastery for women and men in Kildare towards the end of the 5th century. By building her monastery close to an oak tree she gave the town and county its name – Cill Dara, Kildare meaning church of the oak.

St. Brigid emerges from early Christian hagiography and the countless legends we have about as:

  • A Woman of deep faith - a Spiritual Leader
  • A woman of the land
  • An advocate for the poor
  • A woman of legendary hospitality
  • A peacemaker

The lives and legends of the early Irish saints, especially that of St. Brigid, have great appeal today. They have much to teach us about:

  • The ecological survival of the planet
  • The need to reach out and include the marginalized in society
  • The importance of women’s leadership
  • The need for an awareness of the presence of God in all creation.
  • A contemplative approach to life

Spirituality at the Centre is nourished by:

  • Sharing and Celebration the Story of Brigid in a life-giving and creative way
  • Exploring the traditions, values and spirituality of Ireland’s patroness
  • Celebrating the seasons of the year, natural and liturgical
  • Pilgrimages
  • Meditation
  • Retreat Days
  • Facilitation of Workshops on spirituality and ecology