St. Brigid of Kildare

Blocks risingThere was excitement during the past few weeks as work began on laying the poroton blocks. These blocks are a special clay block used to build highly insulated walls without a cavity. The blocks have a honeycomb-like pattern when viewed from above.

After the painstaking work of laying the first layer with great precision it was great to finally see the walls rising.100_1260

We are assured by Stephen that we will see immense progress over the next few weeks.

Donate a block

One w to contribute to the new Centre is to donate a block – €10 or $20 US. You will then be able to see “your block” as the walls begin to rise.
Donations can be made through the donation page on this website.

It is estimated that 17,000 blocks will be required.
There are now 16,897 blocks waiting to be claimed!

We would really appreciate your support.

Taking Shape