St. Brigid of Kildare

Central Bank of Ireland launches Saint Brigid collector coin to commemorate Ireland’s famous saint.

Sr. Rita Minehan shows off the coin

We celebrated a wonderful event at Solas Bhride on Wednesday 26th June. The Central Bank of Ireland chose Solas Bhride as the venue to launch a special collector coin in honour of St. Brigid.

Members of Solas Bhride and Sharon Donnery
The St. Brigid special edition coin

Designed by Irish artist Mary Gregoriy, the coin features a young Brigid, her cape, and the St. Brigid’s Cross. The artist wanted to combine the myth with the woman throughout the design. Above her head is the guiding star of a St. Brigid’s Cross and on her sleeve, she wears an oak leaf – to symbolize Kildare and her monastery founded there.

In launching the special edition limited coin Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Sharon Donnery said: “We are very proud, in the year that marks 1,500 years since her passing, to issue this €15 St. Brigid collector coin to recognise one of our best-known saints.
“As we all know, tradition says that St. Brigid established a monastery in the town, ultimately giving Cill Dara its name, so it is only fitting we launch the coin commemorating her in this beautiful location in Kildare today.

Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and Sr. Rita Minehan
Members of the Board of Directors and Sharon Donnery Central Bank

“Many stories and myths surround St. Brigid, but much of what we are told highlights her core values – helping the poor, striving for peace and a more just world.
“A strong woman, dedicated to serving the people and to protecting nature, her life, her work, her legacy not only remains relevant today, but remains an inspiration.
“And as we honour St. Brigid, this commemorative coin also presents an opportunity to remember the role that she and Irish women have played in our history, our culture and society”.

St. Brigid is only the third woman who has featured on a collector coin, and it is fitting that in the year of the 1500th anniversary of her death she should be so honoured.

The coin, seen in the images may be purchased through the Central Bank on

Guests with Central Bank team and Solas Bhride team.
Sr Theresa Kilmurrary (Brigidine Leadership Team Ireland/UK), Sr Mary Minehan, members of the board and Sharon Donnery central Bank.
Sr. Rita welcoming the Central Bank and guests to Solas Bhride

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