St. Brigid of Kildare

Solas Bhride is a Christian Spirituality Centre with a focus on St. Brigid and the early Christian Celtic tradition which had a profound sense of the presence of God in everyone and everything. It is a spirituality nourished by ritual, tradition, contemplation, experience and story.

Stand at the crossroad and look
Learn from the ancient paths
Which was the good way?
Take it!
Jer. 6: 16

Spirituality at Solas Bhride Centre is nourished by:

  • Sharing and Celebration the Story of Brigid in a life-giving and creative way
  • Exploring the traditions, values and spirituality of Ireland’s patroness
  • Celebrating the seasons of the year, natural and liturgical
  • Pilgrimages
  • Meditation
  • Retreat Days
  • Facilitation of Workshops on spirituality and ecology

St. Brigid emerges from early Christian hagiography and the countless legends we have about her as:

  • A Woman of deep faith - a Spiritual Leader
  • A woman of the land
  • An advocate for the poor
  • A woman of legendary hospitality
  • A peacemaker

The lives and legends of the early Irish saints, especially that of St. Brigid, have great relevance today. They have much to teach us about:

  • The ecological survival of the planet
  • The need to reach out and include the marginalized in society
  • The importance of women’s leadership
  • The need for an awareness of the presence of God in all creation.
  • A contemplative approach to life

“God is not all in one place, complete.  God is in the bits and pieces of everyday, a kiss here, a smile there and sometimes tears.’  Patrick Kavanagh