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Snowdrops, once known as Brigid's footprints, popped up to greet the first day of Spring as friends old and new joined us in our celebrations of Féile Bríde through talks, ritual, pilgrimage, chats and stillness.

The weeklong festivities as always were greatly enhanced by the involvement of Kildare Town Library, Kildare Education Support Centre, Kildare Heritage Centre, Into Kildare, the very committed members of Cairde Bhríde and with the support of Kildare County Council. We were also delighted to host an exhibition by SULT, a group of artists from across Kildare.

'Moving towards the Light' was the theme of this year's Afri's conference. The conference asked us to challenge the culture of violence and to re-define the meaning of maleness where the characteristics of aggression and dominance are replaced with the values of kindness, strength and compassion, values espoused by Brigid of Kildare. Rita Minehan presented the Brigid Flame, a symbol of Hope Justice and Peace.

This is a special year for Solas Bhríde as it marks the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare Town and the subsequent establishment of Solas Bhríde Spirituality Centre. We look forward to sharing our memories of the many special people we encountered along the journey and will host events throughout the year to mark the anniversary.

Thank you all for the richness of your presence this week and we look forward to welcoming you back to our many events planned for this year. We now share some highlights from Féile Bríde and introduce you to some of our spring/summer events for 2022.
Mary, Rita, Phil & Geraldine

Pilgrimage to the Well - A Journey of the Heart

On St Brigid’s eve we gathered at the Wayside Well where a Brigid's cross was woven and the pilgrims were blessed with water from the well as they walked mindfully to Solas Bhríde. Our pilgrimage continued with a reflection on the legends of St Brigid and how they speak to us today. The pilgrimage ended with the placing of Brat Bhríde at Brigid’s Sculpture. We are most grateful to the musicians led by Treasa Harkin for the music they provided throughout the pilgrimage. We were delighted to be joined in song by Deirdre Ni Chinnéide.

National Pilgrimage Day

Join us on National Pilgrimage Day for a morning retreat and pilgrimage to St Brigid's Wells in Kildare Town.

'All pilgrimages spring from a deep yearning for an encounter with the Divine' ~ Rita Minehan csb

Saturday 16th April
Time: 10.30am -1.00pm
Cost: €15

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Brenda Kindregan and Margaret Walsh spoke about the many celtic customs and traditions associated with St Brigid. The central tradition was the threshold rite which took place in the family home and concluded with the weaving of the crosses. The weaving of the Brigid cross was to invoke Brigid's protection for family, land, livestock and for the new growing season ahead. The brat bhríde placed outside on Brigid's eve was believed to catch some of Brigid's healing properties. Many of these traditions are still practiced today.

Legends of St Brigid

Within a circle of conversation and sharing, Brenda Kindregan will guide us in contemplating the Legends of Saint Brigid. Through the legends we can become more deeply aware of our spiritual qualities and potentialities. Thus, enabling us to guide our lives and increase the well being and welfare of all on planet Earth.
Starting Thursday 17th February
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Cost: €10

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The candles in the sacred space were lit from the Brigid Flame and a warm welcome was given to all gathered for the sacred dance. Terry Hennessy and Betty White launched the celebration of Brigid and Springtime with the sun dance. Each step forming the rays of the sun, generating energy from the group as they moved in unison to the rhythm of the music. A truly uplifting experience of dance, story, prayer and meditation.

Sacred Dance

Join us for sacred dance and bring joy and harmony to your heart at this springtime of the year. Easy steps to beautiful music guided by Terry Hennessy and Betty White

Wednesday 16th March
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
Cost: €15
Wednesday 16th April
Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm
Cost: €20

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Brenda Kindregan explored through dialogue, story/legend, poetry and meditation the work of connecting with who we are at the core of our being, thus enabling the flourishment of self, others, and planet Earth.
'Only by doing our inner work can we hope to be agents of change in the world'
~ Mirabai Starr

Self Guided Meditative Walk

Find your serenity by walking gently through the grounds of the Solas Bhríde Spirituality Centre. Set your intention as you enter the labyrinth and allow the slow meandering path to take you on an inward journey to nourish your heart and soul.

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Rita Minehan guided us through meditation to reflect on the light within each of us.

'Let your light shine' ~ Matthew 5:16


Lenten Meditation Series

Join us online for meditation from Solas Bhríde as we look towards the light and renewed hope this Springtime.

Starting Thursday 24th March
Time: 7.30pm - 8.00pm
Cost: €5 per session

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Spring Equinox

We invite you to join us as we mark the Spring Equinox, a point of balance in the yearly cycle. We celebrate aliveness and vitality that comes with spring.

Tuesday 22nd March
Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Cost: €15 


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