St. Brigid of Kildare

It was an historic day in Kildare town when the pilgrims who had walked the 9 day Pilgrimage walk from Brigid’s well, Fauthart, Co. Louth to Kildare town, arrived at the Market Square, on Monday, July 15th.

The route of this 9 day pilgrimage started at the annual Pattern Day at St. Brigid’s Shrine in Faughart on 7th July, 2013. It continued from Dundalk through to Tara and then followed along the Grand Canal to Maynooth and on to Kildare. 16 pilgrims walked the full pilgrimage with others joining them for a day or two on route.

Sr. Mary welcomes Pilgrims to Kildare
Sr. Mary welcomes Pilgrims to Kildare

Many people joined them on the final day of their pilgrimage from Milltown into Kildare. On their arrival at the Market Square, Kildare Town, the pilgrims were given a “Cead Mile Failte”. Brigidine sister, Mary Minehan, welcomed them home to Brigid’s monastic city. “You have recreated and walked Brigid’s Way from Faughart to Kildare,” she said, “you have walked the walk and have arrived. We rejoice and are glad.”

Following refreshments, courtesy of Kildare Heritage Centre, the pilgrims, were led in pilgrimage in the footsteps of Noirin Ni Riain blesses Pilgrims at Fire TempleBrigid of Kildare by Brigidine Sisters, Mary and Phil and members of Cairde Bhride. They first visited St. Brigid’s Cathedral and fire temple. Renowned singer Noirin Ni Riain led the reflection at the fire temple.

On route to the well the pilgrims stopped at the construction site of the new Solas Bhride Centre and Hermitages and gave it a special blessing before entering the Irish National Stud for some welcome refreshments. The 9 day pilgrimage concluded at St.Brigid’s well.

Pilgrims enjoy refreshments at Irish National Stud on way to St. Brigid's well
Pilgrims enjoy refreshments at Irish National Stud on way to St. Brigid’s well